Psychotherapy online – onTherapy

More personal freedom

You can talk from your home or anywhere in the world where you are able to connect to the web. You might be living in a foreign country and would feel more comfortable speaking to a therapist in your native language.  On-line therapy gives a lot of freedom.

Less stress less anxiety

Talking about your difficulties can be a stressful experience, full of anxiety and feelings such as guilt or embarrassment. This is where online therapy can really help lower that initial discomfort. You can talk about problems in your life in confidence and engage with a therapist in a less formal and more stress-free way. It might be easier to express yourself as you might feel safer less exposed and intimidated by more personal control.

Psychotherapy on-line using Video

When talking to a therapist online you can use your webcam to visually interact and cooperate over the Internet. It gives a similar experience to the customary face to face type of therapeutic setting.

I use the Vsee and Zoom, not Skype which is more secure and recommended a tool for therapy online according to the UKCP.

VSee and Zoom vs Skype

Skype provides 2 types of API. One is a set of APIs similar to the VSee URI and works like a normal web browser link.
It allows users to be able to make calls, initiate chats and switch focus to the Skype client.

Psychotherapy online