Therapeutic consultation

Initial therapeutic consultation

The aim of the initial consultation is to talk about the reasons why you are seeking therapy and discuss the next steps.
This time is for you to think about and make a decision if you want to commit to regular sessions.
It is a mutual assessment for both of us to see if we can work together. You can find out more about the process of psychotherapy, the way I work and make a decision if this suits you, and I can learn more about your difficulties and expectations.
The initial session is usually more structured then therapy sessions.
I offer between 1 and 3 meetings and then offer a choice between short-term therapy and in-depth long-term therapy.

If we decide to continue we will clarify and agree on the goals you want to achieve during the therapy and discuss their achievability and commit to a therapeutic contract.

The therapeutic contract consists of:

Your options

Time and place of therapy sessions
Length of therapy
Time and frequency of sessions
Contact between sessions
Ending of therapy
Information about the way the therapist works using Gestalt approach

From now on sessions will be yours and the process of self-discovery will begin. More information: FAQ