Online Therapy

Psychotherapy online

There might be times over the coming weeks when you are unable to attend the therapy session in person because either you are in isolation and/or feeling unwell. It does not meet that the therapy process needs to stop or be suspended.

While stress and anxiety are normal reactions to a crisis situation, it’s important that support is available when needed.

Online therapy offers a solution. Why consider online therapy?

Online therapy offers more personal freedom

You can talk from your home or anywhere in the world where you are able to connect to the web. You might be living in a foreign country and would feel more comfortable speaking to a therapist in your native language.  Online therapy gives a lot of freedom and makes therapy more accessible. 

Online therapy might be less stressful

Talking about your difficulties can be a stressful experience, full of anxiety and feelings such as guilt or embarrassment.  Online therapy can really help lower that initial discomfort. You can talk about problems in your life and engage with the therapist in a less formal way. It might be easier to express yourself, you might feel safer. less exposed and intimidated by having more personal control.

Once you get used to the online setting, therapy session gives a similar experience of face to face session. 

How to prepare for the session

  • Get in touch and we will arrange for the session. Let me know if you have any questions or worries and will help you to address them.
  • Check your internet connection
  • Download VSee or make use that you have Zoom e-mail link. 
  • Run tests on video and audio quality. 
  • Choose an appropriate setting for the session- somewhere quiet and private,  where you won’t be disturbed by family members, children and pets:)
  • You are ready to go! We are now meeting online at the agreed time!

I use Vsee,  Zoom, and Skype 




Psychotherapy online