EMDR therapy online
EMDR therapy online

EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing was originally developed to treat symptoms of PTSD and trauma but with time has been effectively used to address a wide range of mental health difficulties.

EMDR model assumes that our brain is naturally programmed to heal and process traumatic experiences and that we are all wired to recover from trauma. Sometimes however people get stuck and help might be needed.

In those situation EMDR helps process traumatic/ overwhelming experiences while stimulating the brain do its work and utilising the natural healing abilities of your body. By reducing the impact of past traumas and difficult experiences, EMDR helps you to live more fully in the present.

It could be also helpful in building internal resources and emotional self-regulation.  

In the current pandemic situation, most of the therapeutic work was forced to move on-line.

EMDR was one of the approaches that was easily and creatively adapted to this kind of therapeutic setting. Delivered online or face to face can have the same level of effectiveness and intimacy.

Sometimes meeting your therapist from the safe space of your own home, helps the process and offers additional resources to support your journey to healing.