Anger in Kids
Anger in Kids

Anger in kids

Every parent struggles from time to time with the anger in kids. Handling it constructively can be challenging and draining.  Quite often were not taught how to deal with it in our childhood. Many of us were led to believe that expressing anger was  bad and not acceptable.  I see many Clients in the therapy room who have difficulties dealing with their anger, expressing and channelling it in a constructive way. Anger is a such important human emotion. It helps us to mobilise energy for action, set healthy personal boundaries, get our needs are met and sustain changes in our lives. If not expressed constructively it can lead to unhappiness, depression, anxiety and dissatisfaction in close relationships.

There is a link to an informative article about anger in children . Children use it to express the whole spectrum of feelings.  Sadness, anxiety, any painful feelings might be expressed by a child as an anger.

Therefore it is important that learn to understand anger in our children and show them skills to express it in a constructive way.

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