Enmeshment versus differentiation in relationships
Enmeshment versus differentiation in relationships

Enmeshment, emotional cut off and differentiation in relationships.

Merging emotionally  -enmeshment, with another person results in losing our individual identity. Emotionally cutting off might be the way to protect yourself but often results in severing the relationship.

These are the conflicting choices we often face in close and intimate relationships.

The author of the following article points out the third option – differentiation. Maintaining your own individual identity while remaining emotionally connected.  You can be with another person without being pulled emotionally.

”In order to separate your reactions from the other person’s emotions, you have to focus on yourself. This might require a heavy dose of acceptance. Accepting your own thoughts and feelings, accepting the loneliness of individuality. Accepting the necessity of allowing the other person to work through his or her feelings on his/her own.”

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