Self-harm is not just attention seeking
Self-harm is not just attention seeking


An interesting article about self-harm. Aims at raising awareness about the issue and encourages to talk about it openly. The focus of the article is on young people and in particular on young girls. Statistics show that they are twice more likely to self-harm than young males. As the author states: ‘’The causes of self-harm are likely to be complex, even if the person self-harming does not see the issues in that way’’. Often it is the high level of distress that causes people to self-harm. It becomes the way of coping with stress and emotions. Professor Brooks, from the University of Hertfordshire, challenges the stigma, that self harming young girls are simply attention seeking.

“Nowadays, young people are in a much more uncertain world than before. Instead of self-harming just being dismissed as attention seeking, it’s something that needs to be taken seriously. ”

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